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Your needs, your choice, your voice
Advocacy Focus on your side,
helping you to be heard

About advocacy

Supporting people to have a voice:

Advocacy Focus advocates are fully trained in all aspects of advocacy delivery so that we are able to offer our clients a continuity of service across whichever type of advocacy support they may need from us.

Our staff are our most important asset and as an advocate you will be well supported by your management team and receive ongoing training both in house and externally.

Advocates empower people, giving them back control by:-

  • listening, not judging and taking people seriously
  • providing relevant information, support and resources to make choices
  • using plain English
  • being accessible to people
  • giving people time to readjust and develop
  • encouraging them to speak out
  • being on their side



Lisa’s blog

Lisa, a senior advocate with Advocacy Focus gives us an insight into the support she provides patients on the mental health wards. “I first worked on the mental health wards when I came to Advocacy Focus as a Social Work student on placement, and I remember feeling daunted and overwhelmed with the heightened level of Read more