As a team, we are passionate about what we do, and we actively encourage our people to fully embrace our shared core values with all those that they come into contact with.  Borne out of steady and visionary leadership, we work hard to promote a positive and proactive culture at Advocacy Focus.

We focus on six core values as part of our staff induction, training and ongoing performance management.  Our values, as well as our staff commitment to them, are reviewed regularly in line with organisational operation and local need.


Our six core values require us to be...


The very people who need us are at the heart of everything we do at Advocacy Focus, and are the very reason for our existence as a provider of advocacy services.



Being approachable and accessible is vital for the contentment and well-being of those who may need us.  Communication is a true two-way relationship here at Advocacy Focus, and as well as providing a voice for those who need it, we are open to listening to all that is asked or required of us as a supportive organisation. 


It is the independence of advocacy that allows services to be led by and responsible to those who need our help.  Independence and a non-judgemental approach are some of the key attributes that people coming to advocacy services are looking for and in need of.


Whilst advocacy is not an emergency service, we are duty-bound to act with a sense of urgency in working towards positive outcomes for those who come to us.  We make informed and qualified decisions in a time-efficient manner.  We also pay timely and appropriate attention to detail, which allows us to prioritise where/if necessary.



We demonstrate integrity and respect in everything we do, everyone we speak with, and everyone we represent.



As an award-winning registered charity, we strive to provide high-quality, industry compliant, accredited professional services that are person-centred and outcome-focused throughout.