Though we are proud of the services we provide at Advocacy Focus, a passion of ours will always be to support people to be their own best advocate.  You can work with any of our team in order to build your skills, knowledge and confidence to ensure that, should you ever find yourself in a tough situation in the future, you are able to more effectively and confidently represent yourself.

Be your own advocate

We can help you learn the skills you need to be your own advocate.

Advocacy classes

In just two sessions, we will teach you:

  • What self advocacy means and involves
  • Skills and confidence tricks to say what you want - and get what you want.

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Self Advocacy toolkits and training sessions for groups

In Focus

In Focus is a new self advocacy toolkit and learning programme for groups, exclusively designed and delivered by Advocacy Focus.

We feel passionately about helping people build the knowledge, skills and abilities to feel confident enough to stand up for their rights and be their own advocates.  Because of this, we have developed In Focus, which will be delivered to local people at a range of community and social care groups and centres across Lancashire in the coming weeks, months and years.

Everyone from womens' groups to support centres or carers' groups can get involved and book In Focus sessions to help their members and colleagues develop from our input.

Who is In Focus for?

  • People who use advocacy services already – it’s always our goal to help people to the point where they no longer need to rely on us.
  • People who are on the radar of advocacy support – if we can reach these people early and help them build skills, knowledge and confidence, it’s our hope that they will never need to use an advocacy service in the first place.

What does the In Focus programme look like?

2 x 1 hour interactive training sessions. These are held at your venue, where your group members feel most comfortable.

  • Session 1: What is advocacy? 
  • Session 2: Building skills and confidence with different communication styles via introduction to the Self Advocacy toolkit  

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Self Advocacy Toolkit

These resources and fact sheets are here to assist you in helping your group members to apply their learning.

Fact sheets and tips on being assertive, listening well, and staying calm:

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