Our Essential Self Advocacy Toolkit is a new and comprehensive document co-produced with Stanley's Community Centre and Morecambe Bay CCG. The toolkit is created by those who have experience in self advocacy.

The Self Advocacy Toolkit is made up of four main sections, taking you through the knowledge, skills and confidence to become your own best advocate, before introducing you to helpful tools that will support you to self advocate.

You can download this toolkit as one document, or as the separate sections, depending on where you feel you need the most help. You will also find our tools available to download individually, so that you can download, print and use whenever you need to.

  • If you have any feedback on this toolkit, you can let us know by emailing [email protected].

The Essential Self Advocacy Toolkit © 2019

Download the full Essential Self Advocacy Toolkit below and start your journey to becoming an expert in self advocacy:

Or download the individual sections/booklets below:

  • Introduction to Self Advocacy

  • Section One - Knowledge

  • Section Two - Skills

  • Section Three - Confidence

  • Section Four - Tools

Download Additional Tools

Our self advocacy tools are part and parcel of our toolkit, however, if you wish to download a specific tool or section you can do this by clicking on the tool you need below.

  • Contact Journal

  • Cue Cards

  • Important Contacts

  • Meeting Notes

  • Meeting Preparation Sheet

  • To Do List

  • Weekly Planner

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