We believe in Advocacy for All. By supporting prisoners, we are helping rehabilitate them and ease them back into the community upon their release. 

With the right support, many prisoners are able to break from their cycle of criminality and drastically improve their chances of integration back into society. Statistics show that less than 5% of ex-offenders who feel they were supported in prison and upon release re-offend.

Advocacy for Assessment and Care Support and Planning

People in prison or custody are entitled to advocacy support under the Care Act, in order to support their right to be involved in decisions about their care and support whilst serving a prison sentence.

A highly trained Independent Advocate will visit the offender at frequent intervals to ensure that their health and social care needs are met during their time in prison.

Our Advocates can also help ensure the continuity of care packages and support on a prisoner’s release into the community. This helps ensure a smoother transition back into society; successful rehabilitation back into society has been shown to lessen the chance of re-offending.

The Advocate will provide practical help and information that may be otherwise be difficult for the person to access.

Advocacy Focus can also support individuals in prisons who may have concerns surrounding their health and social care. An Advocate can assist an individual to overcome these issues informally or through organising a resolution meeting. If the individual is still not happy with the outcome of this, there is the option for an Advocate to support them to write a formal letter of complaint regarding their concerns.

Advocacy in Action

A male prisoner was experiencing severe and prolonged dental pain, but was having difficulty in accessing a dentist due to not being listened to or taken seriously. After speaking to his Wing Representative, an Independent Advocate from Advocacy Focus was requested. Our Advocate visited the offender and listened to his concerns. Following a swiftly organised resolution meeting with our Advocate, a dentist visit was organised for the individual and, essential multiple tooth extractions later, the person we supported is now pain free.

For all other enquiries please call us Advocacy Focus on: 0300 323 0965 or email: [email protected]