That’s why we’re proud to support World Mental Health Day every October. This year, the theme was dignity in mental health: with the event doing much to raise awareness of how everyone from the public to the NHS and health commissioners can work towards helping people with mental health issues to live with dignity. To mark the day, the Advocacy Focus team was spotted across Accrington town centre, handing out balloons and information about advocacy services: which play a vital role in giving people facing mental health issues a voice.

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Organisations the world-over, including the World Federation of Mental Health and the World Health Organisation, are involved to help move towards a world that doesn’t stigmatise or discriminate against people with mental health problems.

Justine Hodgkinson, CEO of Advocacy Focus, commented: ‘’I believe everyone should feel empowered to have their voice heard, but people with mental health problems can sometimes lack the self belief and confidence to stand up for their rights. Advocacy Focus works tirelessly in Lancashire to help people in the health or social care system to understand their rights and uphold them. World Mental Health Day is a great way to push these types of issues to the forefronts of our consciousness.’’