We have been working on a brand new Mental Health Self Advocacy booklet, the aim of this booklet is to help people who are detained in hospital by explaining their rights and how to exercise them. We wish for this booklet to give people more say over their own lives and the confidence to speak up for themselves.

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So far, we’ve done a lot of the work, but now we need your help. As part of our commitment to co-production, we think it is vital that we get your feedback on our new booklet. Is there anything missing? Is there anything you feel isn’t explained properly? Is it fit for purpose?

To recap, our commitment to co-production is as follows:

We will continue to work with everyone that uses our service to gain their comments, concerns and ideas about how we are doing, so that we never stop growing, improving and reaching those that need us most.

Co-production is all about listening to you and acting on behalf of your feedback, so that we are constantly working towards being the best service we can be and providing documents like this that can offer real help to people in their time of need.

We value any type of feedback, suggestions and ideas so that we can ensure this document delivers its aim to help those who are detained under the Mental Health Act.

Please have a read through, and if you have any ideas, comments (positive, or negative) please email us at [email protected] or give us a call to discuss on 0300 323 0965.

Please note that this document is a working draft document and will be changed and revised on feedback as part of our commitment to co-production. Please do not copy or distribute.