Volunteers’ Week is the perfect time for us to thank every single one of our volunteers that has given so much to our charity and made a difference to the communities we serve.


Our volunteers have connected with so many people over the last year.  Some volunteers work on the front line; others help us to steer our strategy.  Together, these fantastic people have given us over 1,400 hours of their time and supported over 900 people in the last year alone. 


Our Mental Health Volunteers supported our Advocates on the hospital wards while people were detained under the Mental Health Act.  Our Community Focus Volunteers helped people in their neighbourhoods to speak up and get their point across when dealing with crucial issues. Our Independent Visitor Volunteers were carefully matched with young people who live in care settings so they can be their professional friend and build positive and meaningful relationships with looked after children.


It’s great to get together so, yesterday, we held an online quiz with our volunteer team.  We also encouraged them to take some time out for themselves and sent them a specially-chosen book and handwritten thank-you postcard – with a tea-bag to enjoy a nice cuppa.  Who doesn’t love a book and a brew?  Here’s what our volunteers had to say:


“I have just received a little parcel in the post with a lovely note and a book from Advocacy Focus! How lovely! Thank you very much, such a thoughtful thing to do!”


"I'm emailing to say thank you so much for the lovely surprise of a book which I received today. I will enjoy reading something new, especially as the library is closed! It's great to know how much we are valued as volunteers. I'm looking forward to the time when we can meet up again. Meantime please take care and thanks again.”