Advocacy Focus are pleased to report that we have secured a very worthy accreditation mark from Investing in Volunteers. It took a lot of work from the team from reviewing all our processes to developing new ones, creating volunteer action groups, interviews and bringing to life new schemes to react to Covid 19 pandemic.

What is IV?

It is a UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management.

The scheme assessed the quality of our volunteer management and involvement, and effectiveness of our work with volunteers. During this process they highlighted ways we could our enhance our service and organisation's reputation.

Achieving the standard shows our volunteers – and potential volunteers – how much they are valued and gives them confidence in out ability to provide an outstanding volunteer experience.

During the process they was nine indicators to pass which was evidenced through policies, resources and individual interviews with 15 volunteers, a trustee and the volunteer team.

The Investing in Volunteers quality standard is made up of nine indicators which are designed to cover all aspects of volunteer management.

  1. The basis for volunteer involvement

There is an expressed commitment to the involvement of volunteers, and recognition throughout the organisation that volunteering is a two-way process which benefits volunteers and the organisation.

  1. How the organisation resources volunteering

The organisation commits appropriate resources to working with all volunteers, such as money, management, staff time and materials.

  1. Diversity in volunteering

The organisation is open to involving volunteers who reflect the diversity of the local community and actively seeks to do this in accordance with its stated aims.

  1. The development of volunteer roles

The organisation develops appropriate roles for volunteers in line with its aims and objectives, which are of value to the volunteers.

  1. Steps taken to protect volunteers

The organisation is committed to ensuring that, as far as possible, volunteers are protected from physical, financial and emotional harm arising from volunteering.

  1. Fair recruitment procedures

The organisation is committed to using fair, efficient and consistent recruitment procedures for all potential volunteers.

  1. Volunteer induction

Clear procedures are put into action for introducing new volunteers to their role, the organisation, its work, policies, practices and relevant personnel.

  1. Volunteer support and supervision needs

The organisation takes account of the varying support and supervision needs of volunteers.

  1. Recognition of volunteer contributions

The whole organisation is aware of the need to give volunteers recognition.

Volunteers play a big role in our organisation and society; this year has seen a massive increase in people wanting to get volunteer which is only a good thing for us all. I believe one good thing to come out of this year’s heartbreak and challenges is that I see people more community focused.

There is nothing more satisfying that giving someone your time that makes a difference to someone else. Whatever you get involved with, always see where you can help. We all at some point in our lives, reach out to the “helpers in this world”, look around you, there are everywhere. The greatest give you can give someone, is your time because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you do not want or expect back. We are very proud to be in the IiV Achievers Club!


We are so proud of the volunteers we work with and have received this lovely feedback from one of our many volunteers. 

“I am proud to be part of an organisation that not only cares about service users but also recognises the efforts and commitments of service providers. From my personal experience, I strongly believe the advocacy group is most competent in maintaining its services and continues to grow from strength to strength with their valuable investments in service delivery and future commitments to its volunteers. I am pleased to be a volunteer under your supervision and guidance. Congratulations to all members of staff upon their achievement”. Mrs M