The 28th October to 1st November is Advocacy Awareness Week 2019; a national week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance and the impact of advocacy in our communities.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy can be complex to understand but is an essential part of society. Evidence of advocacy can be found throughout history; for example well-known historic leaders and philosophers such as Cicero and Caesar were among the greatest known Advocates of their time.

Advocacy in its modern form is a way of speaking up on behalf of someone who is unable to speak for themselves. It may be because they have a medical condition (dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injury), because they are detained on a mental health ward and many other reasons. People have decisions made for them every day; decisions that limit their freedom and decisions that they may not have consented to if they had the chance. We exist to help these people communicate their choices; we are free, completely confidential and work independently from the NHS and social services. We seek to obtain the best outcome for all involved; from the person at the centre of the decision to the professionals.

Advocacy is so important it is even written into UK law. For example, in the Mental Health Act and Mental Capacity Act people are legally entitled to an Advocate in certain situations, to ensure at all times that everybody’s rights are protected and upheld. We believe that every person has a right to live the life they want to live.

Who are we?

We are a registered charity providing free, confidential and independent advocacy support for adults in Lancashire and Trafford. We also offer Child Protection Advocacy in Trafford, Return to Care Interviews in Bradford and Children's Advocacy in Rochdale. 

What is the theme?

his is the second ever national Advocacy Awareness Week, this year's theme celebrates the work advocacy charities up and down the country do every day and the impact we have upon the communities where we work.

What are we doing?

We have lots of planned content and events; see our poster below.

How can I get involved?

It's easy to get involved - join us at our coffee morning on Tuesday 29th October for a chat about issues affecting you, any questions you have about referrals and find out more about how advocacy can support people in your care.

Or keep your eyes peeled for the range of content we'll be sharing online during this important week and be sure to like and share with your connections.

  • If you are a media publication or radio station wishing to partner with us during AAW19, please get in touch with us here.