What is co-production?

Co-production is all about listening to the people using our service and acting on their feedback, so that we are constantly working towards being the best service we can be.  We can only get better at what we do, if you tell us where we can improve and help us make positive change. Co-production is a partnership approach to developing and improving our services and working together to highlight any areas of unmet need. 

Our Co-production commitment:

We will continue to work with everyone that uses our service to gain their comments, concerns and ideas about how we are doing, so that we never stop growing, improving and reaching those that need us most. 

To act on this commitment, we:

  • Have set up regular service user focus group forums in relevant and accessible centres across the community
  • Regularly operate Public Steering Meetings in order to gain feedback, opinions and constructive criticism on care and advocacy services in the community.

Help shape the services you want

What do you think advocacy should look like? By getting involved in our co-production pledge you will be helping shape the future of advocacy and be directly involved in health and social care improvements in the region. 

  • This is our commitment to you and this is how you can help us... leave your contact details with us and we'll be in touch to build a better future for advocacy! Contact us here.

Volunteer for us!

Why don't you go one step further and help us by becoming a volunteer? If you've got experience of mental health or represented a family member, we can do with your expertise.