An Advocate can help you understand Child Protection proceedings and support you to have your voice heard. Our Child Protection Advocacy is there for children and young people based in Rochdale and Trafford.

If you have been told that a Child Protection Conference is taking place this is because someone is concerned about your safety. A Child Protection Conference is a meeting where people such as teachers, social workers and parents come together to talk about concerns and share information.

You may feel worried about attending a meeting, but your advocate can talk to you about this and be by your side at a meeting to help you to say what is important to you.

What is an Advocate?

A Child Protection Advocate helps you become more involved when important decisions are being made about your life. They help you have your say during meetings.

An Advocate will:

  • Provide support to you before, during and after important meetings
  • Support you to share your views and feelings
  • Help you understand your rights
  • Help you to be involved in your child protection plan
  • Attend meetings with you, or on your behalf if you don’t want to go
  • Help you understand why these meetings are happening

How do I get an Advocate?

Getting an Advocate is simple, just download and fill in a referral form below (based on where you live) and send back to us. Or, you can show this web page to social worker or parent and they can contact us on your behalf.

    If you are based in Rochdale, please download and fill out our Rochdale Children's Advocacy Referral Form.

    If you are based in Trafford, please download and fill out our Trafford Referral Form.

    • Please note, this service is only available in Rochdale and Trafford.

    Download our Child Protection Advocacy Leaflet below:

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