Helping Andy

Andy developed mental ill health following a brain injury. Andy lived in a care home and was under a Deprivation of Liberty as he was deemed to lack capacity, see how we challenged Andy's DoLS and helped him regained some of his freedoms. Read more

Helping Bill

Bill is deaf and communicates with British Sign Language. We helped Bill complain about his treatment in hospital, after he was denied access to a BSL interpreter. Read more

Helping Cliff

Cliff* lived in a care home with restricted community access, he was incredibly isolated and unhappy. We initiated a Section 21a challenge to help Cliff find a new home and regain his access to the community. Read more

Helping Elizabeth

Elizabeth* was detained under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. She had been in hospital for a year, following various trials and seemingly ineffective treatments. Elizabeth’s multi-disciplinary team (MDT) at the hospital were considering electro-convulsive treatment. Read more

Helping Chris

Chris* was detained in hospital under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act due to concerns around his safety. When the advocate first met with Chris, he expressed that he felt that he was not being listened to and felt that people were “talking about me and not to me” – he did not feel in control of his situation. Read more

Helping Neil

Neil* is an older gentleman with schizophrenia who was detained at hospital under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. Neil was unhappy at being in hospital and felt as though he did not have a mental illness, nor did he require any treatment. Initially Neil declined the advocacy service, but after months of continuing to offer our support Neil began to accept the help of an advocate. Read more

Helping Jane

Jane* had been detained on the ward for several months and felt very anxious about her care and treatment plan. When the advocate met with Jane, they explained her rights under the Mental Health Act. As Jane stated she did not wish to be detained, the advocate ensured Jane understood her right to appeal her section. Read more

Helping Ivy

Ivy was a 14-year-old girl who had been living with the same foster carer since she was 4. Due to circumstances beyond her control she had to be removed from the foster family she had always seen as her own. Read more

Helping Molly

Molly was highly anxious and apprehensive about involving new professionals due to being let down on a number of occasions. Advocacy support gave Molly a voice in the process and allowed her to get the correct support to meet her needs Read more

Helping Bill

Bill's right to privacy regarding personal correspondence Bill has an acquired brain injury and has problems with his sight as a result. Bill is only able to read letters and other information if they are adapted in a specific way to meet his needs. Read more

Helping Tyson

Tyson had an acquired brain injury and resided in a care home. Tyson regularly asked to see his wife who was in a different care home and who was unable to visit by herself. Tyson was on a DOLS and an Advocate was appointed RPR to Tyson. Read more