The government wants your ideas on how it can improve the Mental Health Act 1983.  Your feedback may then be used to improve the Act and better support people who are sectioned.

The purpose of the review is to look at:

  • Why people are being sectioned more
  • Why there are less people from black and minority ethnic groups being sectioned
  • Bring processes up to date

The government is keen to get feedback from those who have been sectioned previously or a carer who has had dealings with the Act at any point. It is open to anyone who has experience of the Mental Health Act to offer their ideas and opinions.  

To have your say, you can download a form below. The form consists of around 20 questions as well as questions about you as a person, for example where you live and how old you are.

Once you have filled in your form, you can post it to the address below before Wednesday 28th February 2018. Or if you prefer, you can send your form to us before Friday the 23rd February 2018 and we can send on your behalf.  

Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 
39 Victoria Street 

You can also fill the form in online here.

If you have any questions about this review, you can email [email protected].

To read more about this review, click here.