This recent article titled ‘Volunteering is the Best Kept Secret for Mental Health’ left us feeling inspired, and led us down the path of researching exactly how good volunteering is for your health…

We found that it’s official; doing good does you good. Volunteering our time and expertise has been linked to lower stress levels and even encourages us to lead a more active lifestyle.

In fact, volunteering is so good for our mental health, that according to data collected by Volunteering in America, 94% of people who have volunteered in the 12 months prior said that it improved their mood and 96% said that volunteering enriched their sense of purpose in life.

About a quarter of the data stated that volunteer work has helped them manage a chronic illness, by keeping them active and taking their mind off their own problems. Volunteering has also been found to improve self-esteem.

But volunteering isn’t just good for your mental health, a study last year by the Harvard School of Public Health suggested that people who volunteer spend 38% less time in hospital, and claims that mortality rates are 24-47% lower for volunteers than their peers!

To find out more about the health benefits of volunteering, check out the NHS article ‘Should I Volunteer?’ here.

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