We are raising money for Advocacy Focus' 2020 campaign, which seeks to deliver new, preventative advocacy services, including but not limited to; a befriending programme for isolated and lonely people in the community, children's mental health services and veterans advocacy.

Every day we make important decisions about our lives - it can be something as simple as what we want to eat or what time to get out of bed - or it can be something bigger, such as where we want to live or what medical treatment we receive. There are currently thousands of people who can't make these decisions for themselves, or have them made on their behalf by health or social services.

Advocacy Focus is a Lancashire based charity who have a statutory duty to deliver advocacy support. Advocacy helps people to take back control of their lives and become more involved in these decisions. They might be alone and have no one to speak up for them, or they could have communication or learning difficulties. We believe that everyone should have a say when decisions are being made about their future.

But Advocacy Focus only receive funding for statutory advocacy, and whilst they support thousands of people a year, there are many more who aren't getting the help they need. They might not meet the strict support thresholds or they simply fall through gaps in treatment. This includes; isolated and lonely people, children, veterans and people who struggle to get to their GP (they may be disabled or elderly).

Advocacy Focus currently have no choice but to turn these people away due to lack of funding - but enough is enough, let's support our local community and pull together to ensure everyone gets the help they need. 

That's why we are running the Ron Hill 10k, to help Advocacy Focus hit their goal target of £20,000. This will help them to set up new community-led, preventative services such as; Veterans Advocacy, Children's Mental Health Services, Befriending Projects and to help more people access the medical treatment and care they need.

Advocacy Focus is a small charity making a big impact, but they need your help to support more people. With budget cuts and austerity, these services are more important than ever. 

Watch the video below to find out more: