Six reasons to become an Independent Visitor Volunteer

Find out why you should become an Independent Visitor Volunteer and help people in care in Rochdale.Read more

Celebrating women this International Women’s Day

Today is the annual International Women’s Day. To celebrate women everywhere, we are are focusing on menopause.Read more

Time to Talk Day: Our Mental Health Experiences

To challenge the stigma of mental health in the workplace, we asked our staff to share their experiences of living with ill mental health. Here are their stories.Read more

It's time to give back to your community

We are looking for new volunteers to support people residing on the mental health wards at Chorley Hospital.Read more

Children's Mental Health Week; Take Our Quiz

This Children's Mental Health Week, face the shocking truth about the current mental health crisis in our young people. Take our quiz now.Read more

Red Alert - We are multiple Red Rose Award Finalists!

First time finalists for 3 categories at Lancashire's Red Rose Awards: Employer of the Year Award, Not-for-profit Business Award & In-house Training Award.Read more

Help Us Take Back Blue Monday! #HappyMonday

Is Blue Monday real? We debunk the popular myth and give you tips for a #HappyMonday instead.Read more

Meet our New Volunteer Manager - Nicola

We warmly welcome Nicola McIntyre to our team as our New Volunteer ManagerRead more

Human Rights Day 2018; Safeguard Our Rights

We're standing alongside over 150 organisations asking the UK government to safeguard our rights this Human Rights Day .Read more

5 Reasons to Give to a Small Charity

Small, local charities – who you may have never heard of and who are doing great things in your community – need your help!Read more

Advocacy Focus Becomes an Ambassador of Hope

We are Lancashire's first 'Ambassador of Hope,' working with our Patron, Jake Mills, and the revolutionary Hub of Hope app.Read more

Why Donate to our 2020 Campaign? [Video]

We need 20 individuals and organisations to help us raise £20,000. Watch this short video and start fundraising for us today.Read more