Independent Advocate - Leyland

Advocacy Focus is looking to recruit an Independent Advocate to provide specialist Statutory Advocacy to local residents across Lancashire. Read more

Independent Advocate – (Spot Purchase) Lancashire

We are looking to recruit an IAQ qualified Independent Advocate to provide specialist Statutory Advocacy to local residents across the North West of England. Read more

Community Focus Volunteer

We are looking for warm, compassionate, understanding people who are good communicators to join our Community Focus team. As a volunteer, you will make a real difference and support individuals with Health and Social Care issues by drawing on personal experience of situations or environments e.g. ill mental health, disabilities and/ or caring for others. Read more

Volunteer Coordinator - Accrington - Fixed Term for 12 months

Advocacy Focus are looking to recruit a Volunteer Coordinator to support a team of volunteers to deliver our Community Focus Programme which will help support adults in the community who may be experiencing social isolation or mental ill health. Read more

Independent Advocate - Child Protection PART TIME 15 HOURS

Advocacy Focus is looking to recruit an Independent Advocate to support our Child Protection Provision in Trafford. Read more

Mental Health First Aid Training

We are qualified and accredited Mental Health First Aid England Instructors, ready to provide licensed First Aid Training at your workplace for a happier and healthier workforce. Read more

Children's Rights Helpline

Our Children's Rights Helpline is there to give you advice on your rights and help you with any problems you may be having whilst in care. Read more

Children's Rights Helpline

Our Children’s Rights Service provides children with vital information about their rights whilst in care and works to ensure they are protected from harm. Read more

Children and Young People's Advocacy

An Advocate can help you communicate your views and wishes about your care, or if you are unhappy about something. Read more

Independent Children's Advocacy

Our Independent Advocates champion the rights of young people and ensure that every young person’s voice is heard. Read more

Care Leaver's Advocacy

A Care Leavers Advocate is a specialist, independent person, who is there to make sure that young people receive the support they need during the transition to independence. Read more

Missing from Care Return Interviews

These interviews are essential in uncovering information that protects a child from the risk of going missing again and safeguards them from harm. Read more

Child Protection Advocacy

If you have been told that a Child Protection Conference is taking place, you may benefit from having an Independent Advocate on your side. Read more

Care Leaver's Advocacy

When leaving care you might have to make a lot of big decisions; we can help you to become more independent and confident and explore all the options that are available to you. Read more

Independent Visitor

An Independent Visitor is a volunteer who befriends a young person in care. It is a valuable role that can make a positive difference to a child’s life. Read more