Not sure about advocacy and want to know if we can help you?

If you've got a health or social care question, be sure to stop by our free Advocacy Surgery. We have been looking after the health and well-being of Lancashire residents for over 20 years, so we welcome everyone who has a health or social care need.

We can offer help and information about:

  • How to access the services you need - We partner with numerous local charities and have experience securing services from local authorities and health and social care providers, so we know how to get you the support you need.  

  • What rights you have - Our highly trained Advocates are specially trained in the laws that govern health and social care (Mental Capacity Act, Mental Health Act and the Care Act) and can help you to understand what rights you have and how you can self advocate, to ensure your voice is heard. 

  • How to get a Social Care or Carers Assessment - We can offer support and guidance around accessing a Care or Carer’s Assessment, getting your care needs reviewed and help you to communicate more effectively with health or social services.

  • What you can do if you are unhappy with the service from NHS or Social Services - We can help you to make complaints using the correct procedures when you want to make a complaint about the NHS or Social Services funded services.

3 good reasons to attend our Advocacy Surgery!

  1. We are Independent of Health and Social Services, so we can offer impartial support

  2. Our event is free of charge, you wont pay a penny

  3. We can offer confidential support, you can trust us to maintain your privacy

This is a regular event throughout Lancashire, so if you can't make this date be sure to check back.

Booking for this event has now closed.