Helping Mike

Mike has autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and was due to have a care review which involved an assessment of his needs. Read more

Considering a less restrictive approach for Peter

Our Independent Advocate persuaded a hospital to offer an alternative to restraint for a man refusing treatment. Read more

Helping Sam to re-imagine his future

Our Return to Care process revealed exploitation in Sam’s life and helped him to re-imagine a better future. Read more

Helping James with his DNACPR decision

Listening for 'change of mind' in important decisions Read more

Helping Steven

Advocacy in Lancashire: A referral was made to Advocacy Focus by professionals after Steven took an overdose which left him on life support. Read more

Helping Ryan

Ryan was 16 and in the middle of his GCSEs when he was his removed from his mum’s home due to safety concerns; see how we helped support both Ryan and his mum. Read more

Helping Jack

Jack’s life changed suddenly after a stroke; he had to move into a care home which left him with little freedom. See how we helped Jack get a little bit of his former life back. Read more

Helping Lisa

We supported Lisa through a CHC assessment (continued care funding) after she was involved in a car accident and left with a brain injury. Read more

Helping Sean

We acted as Sean's RPR. Sean was referred to us after displaying challenging and violent behaviour, see how we helped make his life more stable. Read more

Helping Ella

Ella* is a 16 year old girl who often goes missing from care. She has substantial distrust of ‘the system and this is where our Return to Care Coordinator helped. Read more

Helping Brian

Brian* was living in a residential home where he was subject to legislation under both the Mental Health Act the Mental Capacity Act, yet he only needed one Advocate. Read more