Helping Tim

Tim is a Dementia sufferer who lived in a care home and regularly destroyed the furniture in his room. We helped provide a more relaxed environment with fitted furniture.Read more

Helping Aisha

An Independent Advocate was allocated as Aisha’s Paid Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR) to challenge a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) authorisation.Read more

Helping Sid

Sid required a blood test under sedation, a Serious Medical Treatment (SMT). Our IMCA helped understand Sid's wishes and make a new plan of treatment.Read more

Helping Ahmed

We were appointed as Ahmed’s 3a Representative, ensuring his views and wishes were upheld during his Deprivation of Liberty Order.Read more

Helping Roy

After Roy had a stroke his cognition ability deteriorated rapidly. One of our specialist Independent Advocates worked with Roy as a 39d IMCA.Read more

Helping Cheng

Cheng* was being assessed for a DoLS authorisation. We had previously represented him for a Change of Accommodation and Serious Medical Treatment.Read more

Helping Thomas

Thomas was referred by Social Services after concerns about his safety in supported living accommodation. Our Advocate followed the principles of non-instructed advocacy.Read more

Helping Patricia

Patricia is an elderly lady with Dementia who was facing a serious medical operation. One of our IMCAs helped achieve the best outcome for Patricia.Read more

Helping Grace

Grace had no friends or family to support her and so the local supervisory body requested a Paid Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR).Read more

Helping Betty

Betty was unable to make a decision about her dental treatment due to lack of capacity, one of our IMCAs achieved the best outcome for Betty.Read more

Helping Dorothy

Dorothy was being deprived of her liberty and so one of our Independent Mental Capacity Advocates requested a review and instigated a 21A Court of Protection challenge.Read more

Helping Paul

One of our specialist Independent Mental Health Advocates (IMCAs) helped Paul after he was detained by police under section 2 of the Mental Health Act.Read more