Helping Ella

Ella* is a 16 year old girl who often goes missing from care. She has substantial distrust of ‘the system and this is where our Return to Care Coordinator helped. Read more

Helping Brian

Brian* was living in a residential home where he was subject to legislation under both the Mental Health Act the Mental Capacity Act, yet he only needed one Advocate. Read more

Helping Jimmy

Jimmy* lives in a nursing home and has an Acquired Brain Injury, he often expresses his wish to return home. See how we helped Jimmy here. Read more

Helping Amir

Amir* is a 43 year old man who lives in Burnley, he has no history of accessing mental health services. Amir benefitted greatly from the help of an Advocate. Read more

Helping Natalia

We helped Natalia understand the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, by supporting her with her health complaint. Read more

Helping Mary

Whilst we were supporting Mary through her DoLS authorisation, something unexpected and traumatic happened, and we stepped in to make sure Mary knew what was going on. Read more

Helping Duncan & Maria

Duncan and Maria had unique cultural needs, they were also unable to read or write. We helped them make complaints against their local authority and NHS. Read more

Helping Josef

Change of Accommodation - Josef was a little scared to move from his current home, but we made sure his views were listened to & he moved into an even better home. Read more

Helping Clive

Clive is a 71 year old male with a brain injury and mental health needs, we helped Clive after he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act 2005. Read more

Helping Yasmeen

Yasmeen was living in supported living accommodation but wished to move in with her partner of six years, an ICAA helped express her wishes and views. Read more

Helping Frank

Frank suffered from depression and wasn’t able to communicate efficiently after two strokes. We helped Frank gain his independence and improve his depression. Read more

Helping Tim

Tim is a Dementia sufferer who lived in a care home and regularly destroyed the furniture in his room. We helped provide a more relaxed environment with fitted furniture. Read more