Cathy* was a service user who donated £100 to Advocacy Focus after she received high quality advocacy support during a health complaint.

Cathy* was looking to make a health complaint so referred herself to our service for an Independent Advocate. Cathy is blind and so our Advocate had to write all her letters and read everything to her.

Cathy went to a private hospital under the umbrella of the NHS which charged her £200. She felt they didn’t inform her of her condition and delayed her treatment which she believes resulted in irreversible damage to her eyesight.

During this time, our Advocate was also able to realise that Cathy had further needs, and put her forward for an assessment of needs so that she could have support in her home. Her Independent Advocate also arranged for her to have Telecare, Keysafe and smoke alarms fitted in her home for free.

Our Independent Advocate helped her at every stage of her complaint and got Cathy a refund of her £200. As a thank you gesture, Cathy donated £100 of this money to us and £100 to Age Concern.

Cathy’s donation of £100 went towards providing three hours of support for another service user who required the help of one of our Independent Advocates.

*Names have been changed to protect the people we support