Anybody, and any amount, can and will help our work. The money donated to us goes straight towards funding:

  • Recruiting the best Advocates
  • Training the best Advocates
  • Raising awareness of our services and the need for advocacy through things like Pop Up Advocacy events and promotional campaigns.

How your money helps:

Below are just a few examples of how funds you donate to us go towards helping the community:

£10 helps to pay for drop in facilities to support vulnerable adults in Lancashire

£20 pays for Volunteer expenses to operate our Pop-up Advocacy awareness events

£35 pays for one hour of support from a trained Independent Advocate

£100 pays for a day's self-advocacy training to empower a group of vulnerable adults to make their own decisions and speak for themselves.

  • Donate NOW and make a difference!

Fundraise for us

If you're interested in fundraisng for us, or if you wish to plan a fundraising event, visit our fundraising page or contact us on 0300 323 0965.

Donations in Action

Cathy's Donation

Cathy* was a service user who donated £100 to Advocacy Focus after she received high quality advocacy support during a health complaint. Cathy was looking to make a health complaint so referred herself to our service for an Independent Advocate. Cathy is blind and so our Advocate had to write all her letters and read everything to her. Continue reading...