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Why Advocacy Focus?

Why Advocacy Focus?

Advocacy Focus was established in 1998 to provide advocacy support in relation to health and social care related issues. Since then our organisation has evolved to meet the changing needs of its communities through improved practice, research, new services and in close partnership with our commissioners and other professionals.

Here are just some of the reasons Advocacy Focus is the leading provider of advocacy services across all communities in Lancashire:


Putting our clients first

At Advocacy Focus we’re consistently client focused.

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  • We’ll continue to challenge Local Authorities in order to deliver truly independent and effective advocacy on behalf of our users.  Whilst this isn’t always comfortable for us, we fiercely believe it sets us apart in offering a positive, stand-out service to our users.
  • The service is free at point of use.
  • We deliver statutory and non statutory contracts and believe that it’s vital that non statutory services continue – or there will be unmet need and a lot of vulnerable people.
  • Our experience spans advocacy across children and adults.


An inspiring team

Our dedicated advocates and volunteers are highly trained and motivated.

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  • Training is central to our approach, so we’re always at the forefront of developments in advocacy: all our team was up-skilled ahead of time in preparation for the recent changes to the Care Act.
  • Service users can count on consistency of contact with their advocate: we’re behind our team 100%, which means an impressive staff retention rate.
  • We have a senior team member in each of our offices in Accrington, Blackpool and Leyland. With updates to the Care Act focussing on the importance of a local approach – we’re always one step ahead.
  • With both volunteers and a retained team of advocates, we have the capacity to offer a well rounded and meaningful service.


Leading the way in advocacy…

..with an award winning service

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  • Thanks to our 17 years’ experience in advocacy, we’re often called on to deliver training to mental health professionals such as Best Interest Assessors (BIA), Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMPs) and social work students to help deepen their understanding and perspective of advocacy.
  • We’re proud to say, we offer an award winning service.
  • Continually reviewing referral protocols and client assessment means we’re continually striving to offer the best possible service delivery.
  • Thanks to a resilient and adaptable team of advocates, we offer continuity of service across different disciplines within advocacy.


Securing commissioners best value for money

By targeting your exact requirements, we can promise best value for money.

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  • We work closely with commissioners to shape a national advocacy response: we believe our sector needs formal standards to adhere to.
  • Commissioners benefit from detailed and meaningful outcomes reporting.
  • We have the advantage of strategic support (and therefore so do you) from an experienced and balanced board of trustees, who are prepared to challenge decisions and offer invaluable advice.
  • Listening closely to commissioners needs, we develop programmes that mean a disciplined delivery of service within the parameters of the commission.


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