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Your needs, your choice, your voice
Advocacy Focus on your side,
helping you to be heard

When can we help?

If you’re finding it a challenge getting your voice heard, we can help.

Some of the common times people find they need someone in their corner could include:

  • You’re using or need access to Health and Adult Social Care Services.
  • When you’re not feeling at your most confident.
  • You’re facing a life changing decision – maybe on where you’re living or what care you’re getting.
  • You’re coping with illness – your own or a family member’s.
  • You need practical support if you have a mental health issue or you’re in emotional distress.
  • You need support to self advocate and be fully involved in discussions about your medical treatment and have no family or friends who can help.
  • You’re deprived of your liberty: which means you are stopped from doing the things you want all the time. Sometimes people having treatment or care might be deprived of their liberty to keep them safe.

Of course, there are lots of other times we can help you.

Get in touch on 0300 323 0965 to tell us your needs.

Jane’s experience of Advocacy Focus

Jane’s story * “Advocacy Focus helped me over many years and they were absolutely brilliant. My sister has had mental health problems since she had meningitis as a child and the two of us have always been inseparable. As she got older my sister had to live in care homes and that’s when I feel Read more

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