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Current volunteer opportunities

We currently have vacancies for Volunteer Admin Support roles. 

Please apply by clicking here: http://www.advocacyfocus.org.uk/advocates-and-volunteers/job-vacancies/

Volunteer Admin Support

Main purpose: To provide support to a variety of people who use our service via phone and email. This role will include adding service users to our electronic systems and maintaining these through data inputting and providing administrative support to the team on a volunteer basis.

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Some key tasks

  • To take referrals or signpost as appropriate.
  • To work in a professional, sensitive and confidential manner when dealing with clients or professional partners.
  • Ensure databases are accurate and up to date.
  • To work as part of the Advocacy Team to provide casework support across service delivery.
  • To fully support the Advocacy Managers with specific tasks/projects as per the needs of the organisation.

Volunteer Admin Support – 2017

There are a number of other volunteer roles across Advocacy Focus, and these roles are available across Lancashire.

Peer Advocates

Main purpose: To support clients with Mental Health issues through peer support. Peer advocates are fully trained and supported volunteers, who have lived with mental health challenges.

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Some key tasks

  • Help facilitate mental health forums by listening, taking notes and encouraging others to speak and share their experiences.
  • Consult service users around mental health systems and services, representing their views to obtain or improve support available to people with mental health issues.
  • Help clients to seek alternative forms of support to improve their emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Help raise awareness of mental health, addressing stigma and promoting positive action to counteract mental illness through self-advocacy, self-help and other alternative forms of support.
  • Research and gather information relating to challenges faced by people with Mental Health issues and helping the organisation to raise awareness through social media and the website.
  • Raise the awareness of Advocacy focus through word of mouth, leaflets and service talks.

Peer Advocate Volunteer Role Description 2017


Mental Health Volunteer 

Main Purpose: To support clients whose primary issues relate to mental health and enable clients to express their views providing them with information relating to their rights under the Mental Health Act.

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Some key tasks

  • Facilitate drop-ins on acute Mental Health wards to inform patients of their rights to an advocate and other support.
  • Refer patients for an advocate and to signpost to services where needs fall outside of the advocacy remit.
  • Work alongside Independent Mental Health Advocates to provide advocacy support during ward rounds, meetings and also within the community.
  • Work with clients in a way that builds their confidence and skills to self-advocate.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of relevant legislation and work within the appropriate legislation, as well as agreed case-working standards.
  • Work within Advocacy Focus’ volunteer policies and procedures including Data Protection and Safeguarding.


Mental Health Volunteer Role Description 2017


Community Volunteer 

Main Purpose: To support and enable clients to express their views and provide them with advocacy support around Health and Social Care issues. To provide advocacy outreach to further promote our service.

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Some key tasks

  • Facilitating drop-ins in the community to support individuals to formulate complaints against the NHS or Social Care should they wish to.
  • Supporting our community outreach programme.
  • Support Advocates when they are conducting initial home visits.
  • Support individuals to gain relevant information to help them make informed decisions.
  • Support clients to keep a record of discussions, write letters and make telephone calls, working in a way that builds their skills to do these tasks independently.


Community Volunteer Role Description 2017


If you are interested in getting involved please take a look at our current volunteer role descriptions to see if you have the skills to take us forward as an organisation. We will ask you to fill in an application form and take part in a recruitment process so that you know if it is the right volunteer role for you.

 All people wanting to become a volunteer for Advocacy Focus will be asked to complete an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check.