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Your needs, your choice, your voice
Advocacy Focus on your side,
helping you to be heard

How have we helped?

Our team of advocates are experts at what they do:  you can rely on them – they have the very best training and years of experience.

Here are some examples of where people have benefitted from our help:


Helping Paul have a voice and regain access to his son

Paul’s wife left him, taking with her their son Joshwho has autism.  Social Services (child protection) became involved.

Paul managed to find a new home but faced the daunting challenge of going through professionals to regain access to his son.

Fighting depression from losing his wife and son and moving home had a huge impact on Paul’s confidence.  The social worker realised he was anxious about attending meetings and suggested that he’d benefit from advocacy support.

Paul referred himself for an advocate’s help

The Advocate listened and took her time to understand Paul and his views.  She attended meetings alongside Paul taking notes to help him remember the discussions.  She encouraged him to take a lead in raising his key issues.

Meetings with social services were intense, taking place every 4 weeks with several professionals sat round a table all wanting to make a decision about Josh and his dad’s future.

Paul and his Advocate worked together for a number of months during which his confidence grew and he began taking control of the situation.  The Advocate was supportive and spent a considerable amount of time helping him prepare for meetings so that he was clear about what was going to be discussed and the issues he wanted to raise. This helped Paul to focus on the meetings.

Feeling more positive and confident

Four months on and Paul is less anxious about attending meetings and is able to do this without the support of an Advocate.  Meetings regarding Josh are still ongoing but Paul remains positive and involved.

*the names in this case study have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals


Jane’s experience of Advocacy Focus

Jane’s story * “Advocacy Focus helped me over many years and they were absolutely brilliant. My sister has had mental health problems since she had meningitis as a child and the two of us have always been inseparable. As she got older my sister had to live in care homes and that’s when I feel Read more

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