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Privacy and cookies


Advocacy Focus will only collect, process and store information we have openly collected from you or with your consent, in accordance with data protection laws. Your details will be held only by Advocacy Focus and will not be made available to any third party, except where otherwise stated.


If you send information to Advocacy Focus via email, please be aware that Advocacy Focus cannot guarantee its security during transit. Once received, email information will be stored according to data protection law.


There are three elements of this website which set cookies on visitor’s devices:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how visitors are using our site in order that we can improve it. By default, Google Analytics sets cookies to enable this functionality. Google Analytics privacy policy.

Share this

We use the Share This service to enable users of this website to share pages of this website via sites such as Twitter. By default, the Share This service sets cookies. Share This privacy policy and opt-out.

Website content management

Our website content management system sets cookies on visitor’s devices. The cookies form part of the authentication mechanism used for the content editor and are not used for tracking purposes.