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Your needs, your choice, your voice
Advocacy Focus on your side,
helping you to be heard

Be your own advocate

We can help you learn the skills you need to be your own advocate.

Advocacy classes

In 2 sessions we’ll teach you:

  • What advocacy is.
  • Skills and confidence tricks to say what you want.

Get in touch to find out if there’s an advocacy class near you soon:


Your self-advocacy toolkit

Stick these sheets up at home to help you plan your meetings and remember the things you need to do:

Click on the pictures to open a page you can print out and keep:

  • Contacts Sheet – you can write important phone numbers here so you can always find them.
  • Contact Journal – use this sheet to write the main things you have talked about in your meeting that you want to remember for next time.
  • To do list – write things you need to do here. You can tick off things from your list when you have done them.
  • Weekly planner – this colourful chart can help you feel less stressed by helping you organise your week.
  • Appointment preparation sheet – make a note of the things you want to talk about in your meeting so you don’t forget.

 Fact sheets and tips on being assertive, listening and staying calm: